Anchored Insights. Deeper Strategy.

Run your marketing agency or freelance program all in one place. ZISSOU enables marketers to discover new growth possibilities, create automated workflows, and run operations more efficiently.

Who’s using ZISSOU

Key benefits of ZISSOU

ZISSOU is built to better connect, orchestrate, and optimize PACIFIC’s resources.

Process automation to further human insight and enable creativity

Machine Learning

Apply machine learning to make sense of data in real time

Unified Data

Better forecasting / Risk mitigation through unified data aggregation

Software Mediation

Ensures all business activities are mediated by software

Better Rates

Improved commercial terms (better rates) for our clients

Improved Communications

Improved information exchange across all team members, regardless of what department they belong to

Some ZISSOU features


Every information regarding our team members is here. Projected and reported hours per client, capacity per teams and individuals, and resource utilization per month and client.

Plan and Schedule
Capacity by Role & Resource
SOW hour oversight
Hypothetical analysis
More Features

Forecasting tool that incorporates data points from SEO and Paid Media/Search in order to demonstrate potential earnings for our clients on a specific time period.

Predict organic traffic levels
Reveal potential earnings
Up to two year out
Month by month visibility
More Features

Causal Impact is the application of data science to measure the effect any event has on your business when an A/B test is not possible.

Measure effects of any event
Bayesian Structural Time Series model
Complex analysis made easy
Fast & accurate every time
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The Content Brief provides guidance to the writer/editor when it comes to the inclusion of SEO instructions. And SEO is definitely our thing.

Fully SEO integrated
Comprehensive briefs guaranteed
Customer journey assignments
Brand & tone alignment
More Features
Keyword Management

We have a database with millions of keywords to help our SEO team. They can check multiple metadata points and select between an infinity of variations created by ZISSOU.

Keyword generator
Comprehensive keyword metadata
Keyword list builder
Pixel & Char counts

Data Integration
ZISSOU, via powerful APIs, collects, stores, and normalizes data from Google Analytics; a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports web performance.
ZISSOU pulls valuable data on competitors’ digital marketing activities from SEMRush automatically and continuously. 
ZISSOU performs automatic data reconciliation from Google Search Console, which tools and reports help PACIFIC’s marketers measure our client’s site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make their site shine in Google Search results.
ZISSOU hooks directly into QuickBooks, an accounting software package, to streamline communication between, client services, internal, as well as client-side accounting teams.
We’ll let our clients do the talking

"I've never had an agency collaborate with us and our partner agencies as PACIFIC does. Integration is their modus operandi."

Ron Weber
Global Director of Digital Marketing

"Working with the PACIFIC team on the TRIP project was a terrific experience. The project exceeded my goals and hopes for the campaign upon launch, and they were highly responsive on creative user flow through the game to the key pages."

Karen DeJarnette
SEO Manager

"PACIFIC has been an integral part of our digital growth strategy. They've raised the bar on what I expected to see from a digital agency, and they are relentlessly finding ways to improve our competitive advantage."

Amy Olson
VP of Marketing

"For, PACIFIC has crafted an exceptional content strategy that boosted attention, traffic, and value to our blog and social pages."

Janina Guthke
SEO Content Manager

"PACIFIC developed a truly creative optimization strategy for us that combined elements of search and social campaigns. Instead of simply factoring in keywords, they relied heavily on outreach and creative content."

Tevin Anderson
Director of SEO
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