Forecast SEO Traffic and ROI in Minutes

Upload thousands of keywords in seconds to forecast organic traffic, conversions, and revenue. Make a business case for SEO without any heavy lifting.

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Create Easy to Understand Visuals for Every SEO Business Case

SEO can be complicated but making a case for investment is easy with ZISSOU. Simply upload your keywords and a few metrics to generate beautiful forecasts that showcase your strategy.

Forecast Monthly SEO Traffic, Conversions, and ROI

The SEO forecasting tool analyzes tens of thousands of keywords in seconds, showing you how the cumulative search volume and rankings impacts KPIs month to month.

ZISSOU models out 3 scenarios for you (since clients will eventually ask) - a conservative, moderate, and aggressive forecast. Each is based on assumptions on how fast rankings will improve for keywords you upload.

Bulk upload keyword data
Toggle investment and CVR
Save different scenarios
Share with clients easily

Extract the Most Value from Your SEO Analysis

ZISSOU combines the power of enterprise solutions with the flexibility of a spreadsheet.
Generate your forecast today for free!

Input Data

We pull millions of data points from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush and countless other industry related tools, to combine them with our own data sets prior to data analysis.

Surface Insights

We probe the depths of your data to surface trends and insights you can use to toggle settings. This allows you to truly customize every forecast scenario.

Win Them Over

Secure the budget or contract with a strong business case that makes it all clear - an investment in SEO is a wise decision.