Scoping & Budgeting

Project scoping and budgeting makes all the difference in your project execution. ZISSOU helps us get this done right, so we can put our creativity to work for you.

We Ditched the Standard Agency SOW Templates

Using ZISSOU, our team can get a custom scope of work, along with a proposed budget, to your team faster than other marketing agencies. And since we never use templates, our SOWs are always personalized to your exact needs. We also leverage AI rather than crunching numbers by hand, which means you, dear client, can rest assured that your quote will be thorough and accurate too.

Faster Project Scoping

Mapping out projects is a major source of grunt work for agencies. But with ZISSOU, we get projects planned and budgeted in minutes. From creating project parameters and choosing teams to estimating hours, calculating costs, and defining marketing services, the SOW software solution allows us to get everything done, easily.

More Precise Quotes

You need an accurate quote to budget properly. Luckily, using ZISSOU, we can all but guarantee you’ll get one. The moment we start adding required teammates and hours to the statement of work (SOW) template, ZISSOU calculates the total cost and breaks it down by month and service in real-time.

Greater Transparency

Transparency isn’t just important to you, dear client. It matters to us too. Not only does it keep us on track, but it minimizes miscommunication and surprises down the road. And with ZISSOU, it’s easy to do. We can break down our scope by service, and show you line by line where your budget is being spent. This means greater confidence and clarity for you throughout the process.

Utilize a Better SEO Score Calculator

ZISSOU’s SEO score is calculated using a variety of proprietary factors. We take into account the keyword difficulty of each term you upload, as well as the competition level associated with each term. This gives you a more complete picture of how you can rank.

Take Advantage of Monthly Revenue Forecasting Done Right

Determining a monthly budget can be a challenge for SEO strategy. Get guidance by receiving the most accurate monthly revenue forecasting in the business. Understanding your expected revenue from SEO will help you set budgets and timelines more efficiently.

CTR Curves for accurate Sales Forecasting

Witness sales growth according to improvements in click-through rates (CTR). As your climb, so will your CTR. ZISSOU factors this into the calculations when we show you what percentage of total SEO traffic opportunity you will capture.

Discover New SEO Opportunities to Improve Rankings

Uncover the maximum SEO potential for every keyword you upload. ZISSOU will show you the overall potential of your campaign over time, providing insight as you determine which keywords to rank. Witness the trajectory of your search efforts over multiple months and find out which terms are most profitable.

Even More Features

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