Combine human creativity with machine efficiency 

At PACIFIC, our AI handles all the tedious grunt work that humans hate, so our teams can do the creative work that matters most to your brand.

How ZISSOU works

ZISSOU uses artificial intelligence to analyze data, run reports, forecast trends, track performance, and crunch numbers, giving our team more time to think creatively and design successful campaigns. Here’s how it works:

Input Data

We pull millions of data points from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush and countless other industry related tools, to combine them with our own data sets prior to data analysis.

Initiate Deep Analysis

We probe the depths of your data with ZISSOU’s Causal Impact and SEO Forecasting solutions to uncover opportunities and critical issues on the horizon.

Discover Greater Insights (Faster)

Using ZISSOU’s machine learning and cloud computing features, we discover in minutes what other agencies and platforms can’t in weeks or months.

Dive deep into a world of data teaming with insights
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 

ZISSOU’s ERP component, provides an integrated and continuously updated view of PACIFIC’s primary business resources, using a common/singular database maintained by a centralized database management system.

ERP modules currently available are CRM (Scoping, Contracting, Pipeline, etc.), Resource Management, to effectively and efficiently manage PACIFIC’s billable, and non-billable resources.

BI (Business Intelligence) 

Most critical within ZISSOU is its broad range of BI solutions. To achieve maximum insights, speed and scale, all 1st and 3rd party data, shares the same common/singular database as our ERP components.

Doing so allows all teams at PACIFIC to share data and apply machine-learning to identify and better fulfill our client needs… from optimizing a media plan in real-time, to forecasting the financial impact of a keyword rank improvement, to scheduling the right practitioner when he/she is needed the most. 

WfM (Workflow Management) 

The 3rd pillar of ZISSOU is its workflow management infrastructure. And by workflow we mean a sequence of steps that are part of some larger task. Here ZISSOU gives PACIFIC employees the ability to create, optimize and in increasing cases automate, their most common/repeatable tasks.

This enables our teams to streamline and speed up their routine business processes for optimal efficiency, eliminate redundant steps in the process, and identify potential areas of improvement. Furthermore, it makes certain everyone, no matter their experience level, ALWAYS operates at the highest and consistent level.

SEO Forecasting

We use ZISSOU’s SEO forecasting tool to run your SEO analyses, so we can deliver deeper insights faster and spend more time thinking creatively for your brand.

Content Production

We use ZISSOU to analyze SEO factors as our writers write, so you as our client can confidently publish content that will rank on Google and captivate your audience.

Content Briefs

We use ZISSOU to build SEO content briefs, so our content team can focus on writing unique, engaging, well-optimized content for your leads and customers.

Causal Impact

With ZISSOU’s Causal Impact solution you can navigate the ever-evolving SEO landscape successfully.

Resource Management

ZISSOU tracks our agency’s capacity utilization rate in real-time and delivers deep insights on what our teams are doing, so we can start working on creative projects sooner.

Scoping & Budgeting

Project scoping and budgeting makes all the difference in your project execution. ZISSOU helps us get this done right, so we can put our creativity to work for you.

Meet ZISSOU’s crew
Norman Brauns
Founder & CEO
Norman is the mastermind behind ZISSOU. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), MarTech, and Marketing Strategy. Strong business development professional graduated from Management & Business Academy, Mainz.
Pat Hall
VP of Product Development
Patrick Hall is Vice President of Product Development at PACIFIC. Patrick is responsible for understanding the company’s technology needs and leading the development of proprietary tools to support PACIFIC’s services. With a wealth of technology experience, Patrick understands the needs of digital marketers today and the tools they require to benefit clients and the company as a whole.
Adriano Freitas
Director of Design
Adriano is an experienced designer, entrepreneur, and innovator. Driven by curiosity, he takes pride in always be searching for the best user experience in ZISSOU. As a Director of Design, his motto is "build to learn", an agile approach that he applies to the whole process of feature development for ZISSOU.
The Captains
Feature Enabler
The Captains engage with Strategy and Development leads to determine how their teams will be benefited, which and how their processes should be automated and what are their best candidates for new features.
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